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MySite Lifeline is a Windows application that monitors the performance of your website, lets you know the instant there are any problems on your site, checks every link on your page, keeps performance records of your site, and more.  You can run it on any Windows machine(s) of your choice.  This is the first website monitoring solution that puts you in total control.

For a low monthly fee, you can monitor and check as many pages as you like on up to 5 domains.  Other monitoring solutions would charge thousands of dollars a month for this level of service

How We're Different

Other Monitoring Solutions
Checks as many pages as you have for one low fee. Checks only one page per site - more pages cost extra - this adds up fast.
Monitors every link on your pages - telling you even if the sites you are promoting are down. Checks only one page per site and does not check your links at all.
Run on your local Windows machines (on as many machines as you like) so you're in total control and can have multiple "points of presence". Usually from only one location.  If they go down, you'll never know if you're site is down.
Gives you performance records for your site, so you can let your web host know how often they are up or down. No performance records kept.
One low monthly fee for unlimited checking. Using their fee structure, this level of service and confidence could cost you thousands per month.

Let's take a few examples of other services and break down exactly, feature to feature, how they compare.  It will be clear to you that MySite Lifeline is really the best choice.  Our technological breakthrough allows us to offer an incredible level of service at a very low monthly rate.

Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Spider Checks Links? Yes No No
Variable Check Frequency? Yes No No
Page Limit Unlimited - Check as Many Pages as You Like Only 1 Page - Missing the Big Picture 10 pages
Domain Limit 5 per account 1 per account 1 per account
Monitors External Links? Yes No No
Performance Recording? Yes No No
Points of Presence Unlimited - You Can Install MSLL on As Many Machines as You Like in as Many Locations 1 - higher fees for more 1 - higher fees for more
Who Controls? You have full control. They control. They control.
Fully Configurable? Yes No - limited. No - limited.
Price. $7.95 per month for unlimited pages on up to 5 domains $39.95 per month for 1 Page on 1 Site $79.99 per month for 10 pages

There are quite a few more features with MySite Lifeline, but that is the basic idea.  You can choose to use the more sophisticated features or not - it's totally up to you.

To really appreciate how powerful and easy this tool is, you should just try it out.  The only thing you have to risk is the lost business you will experience next time your site is down and you don't know about it.

Special Today Only: Try MySite Lifeline today and we'll even give you a special rate and special bonus just for trying it out today.  There is no risk and no obligation.

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