Has this ever happened to you?  You launch a huge marketing campaign for your website.  That night you sleep well knowing that you will wake up the next day to an inbox full of orders.  What a wonderful feeling!  Instead...

Instead what happens is you wake up and there are no orders.  Your heart pounds slightly in fear.  You try to tell yourself it's not a big deal - there is a rational explanation.  You check your messages and see 34 emails from customers like this:

At first you're sad.  You feel like you've failed.  What could you have done?

Then you get angry.  You find out that it wasn't your fault, but the fault of your web host!  They promised you 99.9% up time - how could they have been down for a whole day?

When you call your hosting company, angrily expecting to find out that their entire network crashed, you are surprised by what you hear.  Some smarmy kid answers the phone, talks to you like you're an idiot, and says accusingly, "Oh, well your FLIZDEWHUZBIT wasn't configured properly.  Try it now.  You're back up."

What?  Is that all it took?  You have no idea what a "flizdewhuzbit" is, but you're somehow annoyed that it was that simple.  There's something really unpleasant about having an emotionally nerve-wracking experience brushed aside so simply by an unfriendly tech support guy.

FACT: 9 times out of 10, when there is a problem on your site, it's a minor configuration error that can be corrected in a few moments.

Most errors are things that can be fixed in moments by you or your webhost.  Even though these little problems are easy to fix, just one of them can ruin your business.  Even a tiny broken link can prevent your customers from being able to buy.  If they can't buy - you lose money.

FACT: If you knew the moment there was a problem on your site, you could save hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue each time.

Think about it.  Rather than waking up the next morning and finding out how much money you've lost, what if you knew the very moment your site was down?  You'd spend 5 minutes fixing it, and go back to sleep content, of course - confident that everything was working smoothly.

FACT: Websites do down for short periods of time all the time without you even knowing about it.  If you don't get this resolved with your webhost or technical staff, this kind of thing can slowly bleed your business to death.  Only with an enterprise level monitoring solution like MySite Lifeline can you really have full confidence that down time is not bleeding your company dry.

FACT: MySite Lifeline lets you know the minute there is any problem with your website.  Site down?  MSLL tells you instantly.  Link broken?  MSLL let's you know the very moment it happens.  Page Missing?  MSLL hunts those pages down.  CGI script not functioning?  MSLL tests them for you constantly to make sure they're working.

How Does MySite Lifeline Work?

It's like having a 24 hour monitoring service checking your pages constantly to make sure everything is OK.

MySite Lifeline is a Windows program that checks your website(s) as often as you like. You install it on any machine you like, tell it what to check and how often, and then let it worry about your websites - while you do more important things (or just rest).

Here are just a few of the great features:

- Bottom line: know the minute there is a problem, any problem, with your site so you can stop losing business when your website is "down".

- Works with almost any website.

- Works from almost any computer, anywhere in the world.  Even if you're in Seoul, and your website is in New York, MySite Lifeline works no matter what.

- Finds almost any kind of problem on your site and informs you instantly (via email - or you can use an email-to-pager service or any service that uses email protocol [most cell phones have this now] to know instantly when you're offline as well).

- Tells you exactly what kind of problem it found, including full technical details.  Even if you don't know what the technical details mean, they can help your webhost troubleshoot the problem for you.

-  Keeps detailed uptime logs.  Is your web host pulling your leg about up time?  Next time they claim they have been up 99.9% of the time you can say, "Uh... Actually, you haven't.  In fact, here are the exact times and durations of your outages last month.  Now, how about that "free month of service if you're not up 99.9% of the time" policy you promise in your advertisements?"

-  "Spider Checks" your site to make sure that not only the page you specify is up, but that every link on your site is functioning, too.

- And much more....

"How can you offer such a cost effective solution?  Your competitors do much less for a higher price."

 That's a great question.  When other monitoring solutions are so limited and do so little for such a high price, it's hard to believe that we can offer such a comprehensive service for such a low price.

Our secret is our proprietary technology that allows you to run the monitoring from your own machine(s).  Since you use our technology on your own local Windows machines, our costs are much lower. 

To really appreciate how powerful and easy this tool is, you should just try it out.  The only thing you have to risk is the lost business you will experience next time your site is down and you don't know about it.

Special Today Only: Try MySite Lifeline today and we'll even give you a special rate and special bonus just for trying it out today.

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